Trail Rules

Help us keep G-spot alive by following a few simple rules.
Have fun out there and be safe on the trails!
  1. Gspot Trail Stellenbosch
    No Braking In Corners
    Braking in corners erodes the burms and makes ruts. Get your braking points dialed in before the corners and keep your momentum through them.
  2. Gspot Trail Stellenbosch Last Jump
    Know Your Limits
    Riding within your limits means knowing what you can and can't do. We're all for pushing the boundaries, but make sure you stay safe and don't try anything crazy without someone there to ensure your safety.
  3. Gspot Trail Stellenbosch
    Wear A Helmet
    G-spot has numerous technical sections and we will not be held liable for injuries caused. We encourage all riders of all skill levels to please wear a helmet at all times whilst riding.
  4. Gspot Trail Stellenbosch Litter
    No Littering
    G-spot is situated in a pristine environment of wildlife and indigenous plants. Be aware of this and do not leave anything behind. If you see any rubbish we urge you to please help out and pick it up.
  5. Gspot Trail Stellenbosch Dogs
    Look Out For Dogs & Hikers
    G-Spot is open to trail runners, hikers and dog walkers too. Although they do tend to stay off the actual trail, stay aware that you may run into one at some stage. Keep this in mind whilst you're flying down the single track!
  6. Gspot Trail Stellenbosch
    Greet and Help Eachother
    At the end of the day we are all out to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. So respect the trail and help your fellow riders!
  7. G-spot Trail Rules
    No Riding When Wet
    The trails are NOT meant to be ridden in the rain. The rain plays a major role in compacting the trail, but it is crucial that the trail dries before use.